IRATA Level 3


IRATA – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association introduces the most internationally recognized rope access certification program. This association represents over 70% of the rope access technicians worldwide.
IRATA level 3 training enables the development of the skills of highly experienced rope access technicians and supervisors which will be capable of planning, executing and supervising rope access teams and operations.

Planned dates

Monthly training programs.
Customizing dates available upon request.
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• Demonstrate intrinsic skills and knowledge at level 1 and 2 training syllabus;
• Understand the IRATA safety principles and applicable national law;
• Master advanced rope access and rescue techniques;
• Develop the ability to coordinate teams in order to occupy the position of “Rope Access Supervisor”;
• Ensure full responsibility for rope access related projects;
• Validate supervised technician Logbooks according to IRATA guidelines.

40h (teóricas e práticas) + 8h (exame prático);
Training takes place over a period of six days from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.
The training will be concluded with a theoretical-practical evaluation provided by an external evaluator.

Minimum - 6 participants | Maximum - 12 participants

IRATA Level 2 trained rope access technicians wishing to acquire more advanced functions and skills.
IRATA Level 3 technicians wishing to be reassessed to this level.

• Age 18 years and over;
• In date IRATA Training Level 2 (at the day of the assessment);
• Minimum 12 months and 1000 hours of proven work experience in the logbook since first Level 2 training;
• Physical and mental robustness;
• Appropriate physical condition to perform tasks in terms of strength, agility and coordination.

GR ACADEMY Facilities - Aveleda, Portugal
On site – subject to evaluation and approval.

Not included (suggestions for different accommodation units available).

All trainings include water, tea and coffee for the duration of the course.

* On request;
• Special conditions for groups and companies;
• Upon successful completion of the training, an internationally recognized certificate valid for three years will be issued.

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