Parque aérogeradores GR ACADEMY
High training standards allied to market know how
Parque aérogeradores GR ACADEMY
GR ACADEMY is the only company in Portugal certified both by IRATA and GWO
Parque aérogeradores GR ACADEMY
Wide training offer

We keep you growing!

GR ACADEMY is the ideal answer to provide, in one place, technicians working in industrial maintenance with knowledge that will allow them to face the growing demands of the labor market.

We offer certified training in specific areas such as health and safety, access and technical issues.

We are the ideal partner to ensure that all customer training needs are properly met, maximizing time and guaranteeing the technological vanguard of the service provided.


Contribute to a more sustainable world, promoting efficiency in the different areas in which we develop.


Anticipate customer needs, respond in a timely and effective manner, creating value and allowing all stakeholders to benefit from the process.
Invest in the valuation of human resources and the most innovative technologies to achieve excellence in results and mission success.



Our goal is to be recognized for the quality and excellence of our services; we work to be leaders in the industry in which we operate.


We are flexible and agile to respond to our customers. We work to create value and optimize customer-centered operations.


We invest in overcoming our challenges, continuously improving our processes and developing innovative solutions.


We value the principles of sustainable development, with the aim of promoting the quality of life improvement for current and future genereations.

The aptitude of a team begins with its formation.

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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Communication policy


Our facilities are divided into three main areas: theoretical center, technical center and laboratories. All these structures occupy more than 900 m2 of covered area, which guarantees total availability, independent of climatic conditions. We combine these facilities with the use of the safest and most recent equipment and products, subject to periodic inspections and properly audited for the intended purposes.





GR ACADEMY is an entity certified by DGERT, GWO and IRATA. Therefore, we propose double and even triple certification programs, recognized nationally and internationally.


GR ACADEMY has partners such as:


Training Evaluation

The client/apprentice can see GR ACADEMY as the ideal partner to ensure that all their training needs are met, making the most of their dedicated time and guaranteeing the technological vanguard of the service provided.

The coach's preparation was ...
5 - on a scale of 1 to 5 83%
The degree of knowledge demonstrated was ...
5 - on a scale of 1 to 5 88%
The transmitted content was ...
5 - on a scale of 1 to 5 86%
The didactic resources used were...
5 - on a scale of 1 to 5 85%



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