EFA – Enhanced First Aid


To equip participants with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively perform immediate rescue and administer advanced first aid measures to save lives and provide assistance in remote areas using advanced emergency medical equipment with medical indications via telemedicine.

Planned dates

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• Identify and explain normal function, normal signs and symptoms of serious and minor injuries, and related diseases of the human body;
• Demonstrate understanding and correct management of priorities in an emergency situation in a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) environment;
• Provide first aid to stabilise the victim;
• Assess the victim for acute injury or illness to determine if medical advice and support is required external to the incident;
• Request immediate medical/rescue assistance by providing a concise and relevant report of the victim's condition;
• Prepare the victim for transfer to the designated evacuation/rescue point, including:
a. Immobilisation where necessary or other non-medical mitigation, e.g. cooling gels;
b. Understanding the complexity and constraints of medical pain relief and the role of the clinical authority in medication control;
c. Accompanying the victim, if necessary, to an appropriate medical centre and formally handing the victim over;
d. Escort the victim to the designated evacuation/rescue point, providing enhanced and ongoing first aid;
• Act as a leader in first aid situations;
• Administer safe, effective and immediate first aid measures and advanced first aid measures to save lives and provide assistance in remote areas using advanced emergency equipment and medical teleconsultation, paying particular attention to personal protection.

40h (total duration) Weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. Lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00.

Minimum - 4 participants | Maximum - 12 participants

Technicians from the wind industry or related areas, who, in addition to their duties, are selected by their employer to perform advanced first aid onshore or offshore, which allows them to react to incidents, and thus mitigate the number of victims arising from the risks identified.

• Aged 18 or over.
• 9th year of schooling.
• Physical fitness and absence of medical conditions that would prevent the training from taking place.

GRWind Academy – Rua do Bairro, 227, 4485-506, VCD, Portugal

Not included (suggestions of different accommodation units available).

All training includes water, tea and coffee for the duration of the course.

* Under Consultation;
- Special conditions for groups and companies;
- GWO WINDA registration fee included.
- Upon successful completion of the training, an internationally recognised certificate valid for 24 months will be issued.

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