The revalidation of the Fire Awareness module allows, through theoretical and practical training, to review, enhance and update previously acquired knowledge and skills, enabling the continuity of action, in a safe and effective way, in terms of the prevention of potential fire situations and, if it occurs, assess, evacuate and intervene according to the means available in a wind farm or wind turbine.

Planned dates

Monthly training programs.
Customizing dates available upon request.
For further information, please contact us.

• Review and update the causes of fire in wind turbines and related hazards;
• Update the ability to identify any fire signs in a wind turbine;
• Develop and apply contingency plans for wind turbines, including smoke detection and emergency exit procedures;
• Act correctly during the extinguishing of fire in a wind turbine, using suitable fire-fighting equipment.

4h (theoretical and practical);
The training is given one morning from 9am to 1pm or one afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.

Minimum - 4 participants | Maximum - 12 participants

Training for professionals who work in, or want to work in, wind turbines or industry in general.

• Age 18 years and over;
• GWO BST/BSTR – Fire Awareness certificate valid until the last day of the course;
• Physical and mental robustness;

GR ACADEMY Facilities - Aveleda, Portugal
On site – subject to evaluation and approval.

Not included (suggestions for different accommodation units available).

All trainings include water, tea and coffee for the duration of the course.

* On request;
• Special conditions for groups and companies;
• GWO WINDA registration fee included.
• Upon successful completion of the training, an internationally recognized certificate valid for two years will be issued.

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